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I remember in my childhood days, everyday in the morning before going to school, I used to hear Marathi songs on the radio. And I loved them. Be it kids singing 'saang saang bholanath' or Pt. Bhimsen Joshi rendering 'maaze mahera pandhari'. Lata always enchanted me with 'madhu magasi maajhya' and Asha send shivers down my spine with 'jeevalaga'. Sudhir Phadake sang 'tocha chandrama nabhata' with amazing softness and you could feel the sweetness of 'amrutahuni goda' by Manik Verma. Arun Daate's 'bhatukalichya khela madhali' touched my heart and I wondered who sang that 'darling darling kaay mhantos' with such gusto. And behind the scenes great music directors like Hridaynath, Vasant Prabhu brought life into these songs. Not to forget the abhangas by Sant Tukaram , Sant Dnyaneshwar and the rich lyrics penned by Shanta Shelke, Mangesh Padgaonkar, Ga Di Ma, Suresh Bhat and others. Bhav Geete, Laavanis, Natya Sangeet, Film songs, Abhangas, really Marathi music is breathtakingly beautiful in all its forms.

But today its the end ! Its sad that there is almost no good Marathi music being made today. All we have got is the music from the golden days. So lets try to remember and enjoy that golden era.
When I needed to find some songs, I tried on the web but could not get them. I realised that there was no good database for Marathi songs on the web. So I decided to make one myself. I started entering data in an Access database so that I can perform queries etc. And slowly the database grew. The access file has columns like film/album, director, year etc which have almost all data missing simply because I dont know the details. So I have skipped some of these columns here. Maybe at some later date I may add them. If you want a technically correct database, then this is not one. This is just an attempt to list all Marathi songs. And at present it is grossly incomplete and missing in details.

(NOTE: I do not maintain lyrics or audio. This is just a list. For lyrics/ audio please check out other external links on the main page.)

If you have more information on these songs/new additions/changes/comments please fill this form and help this database grow !


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