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Bricks & Bouquets - Marathi Songs
(Last Updated - 26th Jan 2000)

What they have to say

It's a nice work however it needs lot of patience and efforts. It can't be done by single person so we thought we would contribute our share. We are music lovers and we will use new format to provide you our input.

USA, Feb 1999

U r doing Good work to promote our Marathi language, Keep it up.

Sumitra Madgulkar
(Grandson of G. D. Madgulkar - Ga Di Ma)
Pune, Feb 1999

That is indeed a good collection. But do you have the lyrics for the song " mi maaz harpuna..." ? Index number in your database is 49.
If you have it can you make it available.
Thanks so much,

India, Feb 1999
(I dont maintain lyrics. Follow the other links from the main page for lyrics to many songs - Shailesh)

The Site is really very nice, Colors combination is excellent.
But how do i download songs ?

Shishir Patil
Andheri, Mar 11th 1999
(I dont maintain audio files. Follow the other links from the main page. Some songs are available in real audio format - Shailesh)

The collection of Marathi songs is excellent. After going through it, it took me down the memory lane. All these songs are a part of our life. Now I am so far away, that there is nobody whom I can talk to in Marathi. Some of the Marathi guys whom I met spoke to me in chaste "American English". We are not even prooud of our mother tongue. That is sad.
I can say that our taste in music matches.
Rest later. Bye for now.

Mohan G. Pujar
Presently at Notre Dame, IN, US. Born and brough up in Talegaon Dabhade (Pune), June 1999

Great collection Shailesh!
I thought your "Introduction" was very well written. Do people living in 'Saraswati Baug' get special favours from the goddess? :)
If you can, please keep adding songs whose lyrics are already online and also those whose are not (as you currently also do). It will help us to know which songs we need to find lyrics of.
thanking you,

Sachin S. Tatake
Virginia, USA, , July 1999
(Visit Sachin's Shatataarakaa , collection of Marathi Songs lyrics - Shailesh)

This song collection is very good, very good work!
One suggestion :
For some of the the songs, music director name is missing, If possible please include music directors name also. Some of the songs of Music director Anand Modak (e.g. Ek Zoka song) is there but his name is not included in the person list, its good if we include these names.
Thanks & Regards,

Sangeeta Raste
Sunnyvale, USA, Aug 1999

Dear Sir
No bricks only bouquets for your wounderful effort. We have to keep our golen traditions alive so also their memories. Communication is the answer for it and what a mediam we have got now! Keep it up.
With regards,Sir
Yours faithfuly

Aanandkumar Purandare
Mumbai, Sept 1999

the info given in your database is excellent .. however there is a correction ... the song 'navin aaj chandrama' is sung by late mrs usha wagh and mr sudhir phadke

shridhar phadke
Mumbai, Oct 1999

I am impressed with the great work you are doing for our Marathi maayabolee! I have a sizeable collection of Marathi and Hindi songs in MS Word files. Could you please forward me your email ID so that I can forward the files to you? We can figure out later how to capture the data in your access database.
Best regards,

Sameer Kulkarni
Minneapolis, USA, Nov 1999

you are doing Good work to promote our Marathi language, Keep it up.

Rajesh Naik
Goa, India, Dec 1999

A very good collection. Keep it up ! Why do you say that there are no more good Marathi songs ? Its (always) there. Pl listen to Padmaja Phenani ( her both albums - Shubhra Phoolanchya Jwala and Rang Bawara Shrawan ) Its really beautiful. Lata thinks Padmaja as the only ray of hope in future !!! So you can guess.
Anyway, You have got a repeated net-surfer on your site - me !
Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Rajas R Joshi
Pune, India, Jan 2000

I am excited to see this site. Can I get 'Solave varis dhokyache' song & it's meaning.

Medha Tannu
Charlotte NC USA, Jan 2000

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